Listen Up!

By Jennifer Stringer

        Music is something that most people can hardly live without. From commercials on the radio to just doing homework in your bedroom, music fills that silent gap that otherwise would be left empty. When asked her thoughts about music, Amani Sheikh said, “I think music is a wonderful way for someone to express themselves and feel better about things.” Gavin Fairburn added, “Music is very therapeutic and is good in most situations.” Since so many CHS students love music, try checking out an upcoming concert!


Signing Off Channel One

By Jada Barnes

        Remember that show your teachers made you watch in the beginning of class? Remember the show that some students begged the teacher to watch so that you wouldn’t have to start class yet? Unfortunately, the 2017-2018 school year was the last time Channel One News will ever be aired. Although the show’s primary motive was to present news to young people in terms that were understandable, the show also encouraged people in many ways.

        Channel One News posted a farewell video in August that included former news reporters saying their farewells and thank you's to the viewers of the show. Even though the show is gone, there are many alternative news shows such as CNN 10 and Teen Kids News that can provide the news you need!

Channel one 2.jpg

Cinema Spark

By Amani Sheikh

        Two popular movies that have recently been released in theaters, and that you may have already seen, are The Nun and The Predator. So far, it seems that The Nun has been the most popular among these two movies and is still doing great at the box office. Speaking in terms of the North American Box Office, The Nun has generated $33.1 million in 62 overseas markets. The global total adds up to $228.7 million, including the $18 million received in North America. The Predator made a total of $54.7 million, including the money made from 72 oversea territories and all of North America. It is said that the first four Conjuring movies - including Annabelle and its sequel Annabelle: Creation - made a global total of $1.1 billion.

        Although the movie may have made a lot of money, that doesn’t mean that everyone liked it. There are reviews claiming that the movie had a thin plot, bad characters, and that it was just plain confusing and extra!

        Of course, there is a barrage of good reviews about the movie as well. Critics claimed that The Nun was accurate in every detail from the way that the churches looked to the setting of the time period. Some say that it is likely the best entry in the blockbuster The Conjuring cinematic industry. It’s also said that the movie had great effects, effective use of framing and color, and was morbidly fascinating.

        Upcoming movies that could have a big impact on the cinema industry include Venom, Johnny English Strikes Again, and The Grinch.

The nun.jpg

Cinema Spark 2

By Cat Shield and Mary Turnage

        The newest Halloween movie came out October 19 and $76 million in its opening weekend; which is the second-best opening for a horror movie of all time and a franchise best.  This movie got 79% on Rotten Tomatoes which is pretty good. Even though it brought in a lot of money, not everyone liked it. Some critics said that it was a bit all over the place and that it was in fact not that scary.

        Venom is another movie that came out in October. It came out October 5, and only has 29% on Rotten Tomatoes. Despite having low ratings and some pretty nasty reviews it set an international record for an October opening with a $125.2 million international box office opening.

        You better start saving up for tickets and popcorn because there are some pretty cool movies coming up. Some that might spark your interest are Glass, Happy Death Day 2, Captain Marvel, and Dumbo. All of these movies will either be coming out in January, February, or March.

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What Are You Doing After Prom?

By Shawn Butler

        According to a recent poll on the Paw Print Website, students at Columbia High School are really excited about prom. However, most of them are not as excited about the actual prom as they are their before or after plans. A whopping 50% of our student body must have some pretty amazing before or after prom parties planned. While others are just as pumped about dressing up and dancing the night away. And let’s not forget about the announcement of Prom King and Queen. Let the campaigning begin!! 


Prom Advice: Take Note

By Lesly Herrejon

        It’s that time of year where we are so close to graduation we can almost touch it, but before that prom takes place. Teachers begin preparing the festivities while we students begin our hunt for the perfect outfit.
         I have been to prom twice, and I can tell you that it’s a great experience. If you don’t intend to ever go, you are missing out on one of the best nights of your life.

         For the ladies, finding the perfect prom look to can be stressful, so remember these few tips:
* Look for a dress that defines your body type, and highlights your best features. Also, keep in mind the restrictions set by your school, and make sure to try the dress on or one similar before ordering.
* Finding the perfect shoe that matches your dress and that is somewhat comfortable can also be tricky. Make sure to take your dress with you when shopping for shoes so you can check for color and height. Plus, always break the shoes in before prom night. A good way to break them in is by putting your shoes on with thick socks and walking around in them.
For the guys, remembering to do everything required can be stressful so take this advice:
* Order your tux ahead of time, girls aren’t the only ones who have fitting issues.
* Make sure the corsage matches your date’s dress. Ask your mom or another girl for help, but don’t screw this up!
* Break your shoes in too!
        Whatever it is you end up wearing make sure you are comfortable and confident. After all, that's all that really matters. Remember to have fun, but be safe during and after any prom festivities. Take lots of pictures and make the best memories ever!