What is Cat Chat?

Cat Chat is an anonymous communication system between students and “Wise Walter” the Wildcat. If you need advice on school, parents, love, or just life submit a question and look for your answer here on our website or in our next edition of The Paw Print.

        Student: I feel like the friends I’ve had since middle school aren't being real with me anymore. What should I do?

        Wise Walter: For the rest of your life, you may find yourself in this situation a lot. It doesn't mean that your friends aren't really your friends anymore, it may just mean that they are changing and growing, just like you. As we get older, we begin to worry about different things and see things in a new perspective. My advice to you and anyone else in this situation is to just talk to them about how you feel. If they get upset with you and leave, then take that as a sign that you were right.                    However, if they decide to sit and talk to you about it, then they are most likely a friend you'll need to keep around. Don't be afraid to lose friends or speak your mind about things that bother you; you have your whole life to make new friends so take advantage of that. Experience things and make memories with those who want to make memories with you as well. It is never too late to start off a new friendship, and it's never too late to leave one.

Student: I feel stressed all of the time. How could I fix this?
Wise Walter: Stress is actually a very serious thing. When stress levels remain high for a prolonged period of time it could actually do a lot of harm to your body. There are two types of stress: chronic and acute. Here are some tips and tricks for dealing with both of them. When dealing with Acute (short term) stress it could be really helpful to do short breathing exercises, or either hit the pause button on life and chill for a minute or two. Chronic stress (long term) is a bit more serious. Visualizing yourself in a calm and peaceful place could help or try yoga. Yoga is very calming as it relieves your stress and leaves you feeling calm and stretched.

Student: I don't feel like I fit in with any friend group. How do I fix this?
Wise Walter: Fitting in can be a tricky thing to do, especially in high school. High Schoolers like to form a small circle of friends and stick with them. It can be difficult to find a group of friends that accepts you for you, but that's okay. You don't need to have a ton of friends. All you need is just a few people that accept you for you. Don't change yourself for anyone. You do you and be friendly. Being nice and having a smile can make a world of difference in the realm of friends. Keep your head high, a smile on your face, and before you know it people will start to accept you.

        Student: How do I stay true to myself?

        Wise Walter: Staying true to yourself starts with understanding you can't do everything at once and you are not obligated to do so. One thing I remember when I faced this problem was that I let the wrong people influence me. I was trying to impress them so there were things I did that I should not have done. I did it just so they would accept me, and guess what, that didn’t work out! I found friends who showed me that what I had to offer was enough and that I didn’t need to do anything out of my comfort zone to impress them. Change your surroundings, find new friends if you need to, and leave those who make you feel like you have to change. Then, watch how fast you begin to realize that you are enough and become comfortable with the real you.

        Student: I need relationship advice with boys.

        Wise Walter: Being in a GOOD relationship takes a lot of work and often-times people fail to realize that. Everybody has these goals of having the “perfect relationship” like the ones seen on social media. In
reality these “relationship goals” could just be a show just for social media. Before getting into a relationship, you must first learn, know, 
and love YOURSELF. To be in a relationship you have to “Know yourself, know your worth.” Establish the things that you will and will not tolerate from someone and stick with it! If your partner does something that you do not approve of and you don’t address it, most likely it will happen again. Someone will only do what you allow, so stop short changing yourself. Being in a GOOD relationship shouldn’t be just for show; it should be for the sole purpose of TWO people who like each other equally who want to work together to put in the SAME amount of effort to be together. Relationships will take work but shouldn’t constantly cause you problems. If you don’t love yourself, it's a guarantee that nobody else will.

Student: My parents are really strict and never let me do anything. How should I handle this?
Wise Walter: Dealing with parents can be a bit tricky. How do I say this without coming off as disrespectful? How should I tell them this without being yelled at? When approaching your parents, you should be calm and patient. Try to prove to them that they can trust you and maybe they will relax a little.

Student: I feel like my boyfriend is lying to me. How can I find out for sure?
Wise Walter: The first thing that you should do is sit him down and have a serious conversation with him. Tell him how you feel and what is on your mind. Ask him to be honest and ask for the truth. If after talking to him you still feel that he is lying you should probably do some heavy thinking, and consider if you are in a relationship with the right person.

Student: I am always tired. How do I get more sleep?
Wise Walter: Just like stress, sleep deprivation is a very serious thing. It can cause health issues and you to fall behind socially and academically. Here are some ways that you can fix your sleep problem. Buying a diffuser and putting essential oils in it can greatly calm and relax you, which may help you get better sleep. Also, believe it or not, exercising and eating right can help you feel more energetic and less lethargic all of the time. Organizing your day, and NOT procrastinating can also give you many more hours of sleep. Procrastination is like a big greedy monster that loves to eat up all of your time. Buy a planner, put your phone down, and get your work done when it is given to you so you don’t have to stay up all night getting it done. Just by doing these simple things your sleep schedule could be greatly improved.

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